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Should Remodelers Try to Kill Angie's List by Boycotting It?

Reduced ratings, increased criticism have left the ratings/referral service vulnerable

By: Craig Webb

To Our Readers:

When one reader saw our story on the latest earnings report from Angie's List and how the company recorded $33 million in losses last year, he wrote me to say this:

"Maybe you should remind your readers that if we all just ignore Angie, she will go away. She can’t survive without our money. It might give the truth a better chance."

Do you agree? Should remodelers try to help kill Angie's List by starving it of the advertisements and listings from service providers that it depends on for a big share of its revenue? Would that really administer the killing blow? Or does Angie's List deserve to live because it, more often than not, helps establish who the good remodelers are—the ones who most deserve to be in business?

Despite the loss, Angie's List still remains popular with consumers and continues to be a thorn in the side of the remodeling and building industries thanks to business practices that many contractors deem questionable.

The stock market already is down on Angie's List, having cut its share price by more than 10% from its peak. Analysts are downgrading their ratings of the company—though none are recommending outright selling of the stock—and critics are questioning Angie's List's business model. Thus, Angie's List is having troubles above and beyond remodelers' complaints. But a boycott theoretically would add to the string.

So, REMODELING wants to know: Would you actively boycott Angie's List? Write your opinions.  We've also posted the same question to our Facebook page and on LinkedIn, so you can deliver your views there as well. Fire away…

Craig Webb is editor-in-chief of REMODELING. Follow him on Twitter at @craiglwebb or @RemodelingMag. cwebb@hanleywood.com

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